Friday, April 28, 2006

New blog on Kant

This blog will be concerned with Kant's philosophy - both metaphysics and ethics. For your information, the author of this blog is a committed transcendental idealist who favours a strong metaphysical interpretation.


Blogger Ole Thomassen Hjortland said...

Congratulations with your new blog. May it prosper.

5:09 pm  
Anonymous andri said...

alright, well done!

8:04 pm  
Blogger Andreas said...

hehe. I enthusiasticly join the choir of cheers. Now all we need is for Andri to start getting serious...

PS! I see that you don't have the word verification thing enabled for the comments. You should definitely have that. It's done in the settings, through blogspot.

Auf wiederhören.

1:09 pm  
Anonymous wisdomseek said...


I am trying to understand Kan's "solution to antimony of taste" quoted here:

"The proper concept of taste, that is of a merely reflective aesthetical Judgement, lies at the basis of the antinomy here exhibited and adjusted. Thus the two apparently contradictory principles are reconciled—both can be true; which is sufficient. If, on the other hand, we assume, as some do, pleasantness as the determining ground of taste (on account of the singularity of the representation which lies at the basis of the judgement of taste), or, as others will have it, the principle of perfection (on account of the universality of the same), and settle the definition of taste accordingly; then there arises an antinomy which it is absolutely impossible to adjust except by showing that both the contrary (though not contradictory) propositions are false. And this would prove that the concept on which they are based is self-contradictory. Hence we see that the removal of the antinomy of the aesthetical Judgement takes a course similar to that pursued by the Critique in the solution of the antinomies of pure theoretical Reason. And thus here, as also in the Critique of practical Reason, the antinomies force us against our will to look beyond the sensible and to seek in the supersensible the point of union for all our a priori faculties; because no other expedient is left to make our Reason harmonious with itself."

From this account, it seems to me, that Kant believes in a integration of subjectivism and objectivism. Beauty then, is the integration of subjective aesthetic appreciation and objective aesthetic quality.

From comments I have read elsewhere, people don't seem to read it like me. What is my mistake?


10:15 pm  
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