Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Keep Kant in Gothic

I just found out that the people at de Gruyter are planning to publish the new Akademie-Ausgabe editions of the three Critiques in Roman font, rather than the original Gothic, and that they want to use italics. Their reasoning is that Gothic is unfamiliar and alien to Anglo-American readers.

The new editions of the Critiques will be closer to the originals, reversing many misguided emendations and additions made by previous editors. It is a shame that this positive trend towards greater scholarly accuracy and faithfulness to the original text should be compromised by a sacrifice of the original aesthetics.

Moreover, and most importantly, Kant himself maintained in the Conflict of the Faculties that German texts should not be typeset in Roman font and that the use of italics should be avoided.

If you think that authenticity should be preserved and that Kant's wishes should be respected, then please send e-mails to Dr. Tanja Gloyna ( of the Berliner Akademie to express your disapproval.


Anonymous Andrew Jorgensen said...

What were Kant's reasons for preferring gothic type? It sounds like your argument is a simple appeal to authority. Why should we even care what Kant thinks? He won't be reading them, will he?

9:13 pm  

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