Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kant on Heidegger

Jens Timmermann recently told me about a few rather interesting and amusing sections in the "Anthropologie" and the relevant Reflexionen by Kant. (The Reflexionen are Kant's hand-written notes.)

In the "Anthropologie in pragmatischer Hinsicht", Kant mentions in a footnote that Heidegger claimed to have the most hideous face in the whole of London (AA:7, p. 300). In R1067 (AA:15, p. 473) he makes a list of repulsive things, including: "Disgusting faces of old women. Heidegger. The foul and excremental aspects of the animal body in general. Disgusting illnesses." In R1498 (AA:15, p. 774) he mentions Heidegger together with loathsomeness.

(I think this conclusively proves that Kant was not only a genius but also a clairvoyant.)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Robert Brandom coming to St Andrews

Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh) will be coming to the next meeting of the Scots Philosophical Club on Saturday 6 May. The title of his talk is: "Kantian Lessons about Mind, Meaning, and Rationality".

A copy of his paper can be found here.

An audio recording of his presentation at the University of Sydney is available here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Robert Brandom had to cancel his talk.

New blog on Kant

This blog will be concerned with Kant's philosophy - both metaphysics and ethics. For your information, the author of this blog is a committed transcendental idealist who favours a strong metaphysical interpretation.